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 7 Lakes Consulting

Think MBA, Think 7 Lakes

7 Lakes Consulting was born out of the need for quality mentorship. Today, umpteen number of teachers and institutes are active worldwide but there are only a handful of good mentors. Due to this, millions and billions of lives aren't able to achieve their potential. Lack of appropriate guidance has much more impact than is expected.
Our vision is to bridge this mentor-mentee gap. We aim to not only help our students to get an admit in their dream B-School but also mentor them for life ahead. Our mentors provide undivided personal attention to each student and play a pivotal role in their journey.

About the mentor

A consistent academic performer and an ex-placement representative at IIM Calcutta, Shahrukh Moin Khan, has been passionately mentoring aspirants and B-School students towards achieving their goals. In last six years, he has mentored over 4,500 students across India. Tons of students have reached their dream B-schools including IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM L, ISB, FMS, XLRI among others under his guidance and mentorship.

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GD-PI-WAT Program

Maximise your chances of converting the interview call

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Unlimited mock
Personal Interviews

mock PIs

answer framing 

Weekly group

Mock case

Guidance on dos
and don'ts of GD

Regular WAT

study material

24*7 guidance
and support

Testimonials (Batch of 2022-23)

Tropical Leaves

Ayush Verma
IIM Ahmedabad 2023-25

During my 2.5-month journey with 7 Lakes Consulting, Shahrukh Sir and his team focused on all aspects of my personality through 30+ interviews that they took. Every interview used to be different, which helped cover all the possible areas from which the questions may be asked in an actual interview.
Another thing that made a lot of impact was B-school-specific interviews that Shahrukh Sir personally took a day or two before the actual interviews, where he used to ask Institute-specific questions. I can still recall how Shahrukh Sir insisted that I focus mainly on Maths for the IIM A interview, and the panellist asked the same question on Determinant that he had asked a day before. Lastly, the fee might seem on the higher side initially, but it’s worth it. At least for me, it was.

Testimonials (Batch of 2021-22)

Tropical Leaves

Aditya Kumar
IIM Ahmedabad 2022-24

After the CAT scores were out,my next goal was to crack the GDPI process and end up in one of the top B schools of the nation.I had heard about Shahrukh sir from a very close friend who had made it to IIMA under his guidance during his GDPI preparation. Hence, I directly got in touch with sir to understand about 7 Lakes Consulting and the preparation process. The best thing about sir and his team is the personal attention provided and the multiple PIs which prepare you for almost all the scenarios. Almost every interview was different in the sense that different aspects among UG acads, work experience, Current affairs, Mathematics were covered. At the end of every interview,a detailed feedback on all the questions were provided which helped me fine tune my preparation for the D day. Adding on to that, college specific interviews,some interviews with specific college alums and SOP reviews were some other ways in which sir helped me out through the process. The best thing was he took a feedback after all the interviews and asked not to get complacent or get upset however the PI may have gone. I can't thank him enough for helping me convert my best call by some distance.


Testimonials (Previous batches)

Tropical Leaves

Sagar Tandon
IIM Ahmedabad 2021-23

When I heard about 7 lakes last year, The sole reason I joined it was because Shahrukh sir was a part of it. He builds a rapport with students which is a perfect mix of a mentor and a friend as well. He used to schedule regular mock interviews which were of paramount importance during my preparation. The mock interviews allowed me to understand my mistakes and fine tune my skills tremendously apart from learning new topics. It’s not just the professional part of things which makes me think he is one of the best mentors you can have but also the personal one to one connect which you will have with him will be really helpful in this preparation, where there will be lot of ups and downs.


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